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Rubbish in parks

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If you?re bothered about the non-collection of litter and/or insufficient number of bins in parks and open spaces, please email [email protected]
If you CC your councillor it may help.
A collector told me the other week they?d asked often for extra bins but their requests are not always acted on.
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I agree that more bins are needed but I also think the council needs to be braver about asking people to do their bit i.e. don't bring tonnes of stuff into the park for picnics etc and expect that you can always have a bin available for the waste it produces. And even if is a bit annoying that the bin is full, that's not an excuse to dump bags of rubbish next to the bins/ram stuff in so stuff falls over the floor (especially if there is an empty bin nearby you could use, which there often is).

When the default is 'I will dispose of rubbish properly, as long as there are plentiful, empty bins available, at the exact point I want to need them' we will always have problems in the parks as they can never seem to do enough to stay on top of demand at very busy times. But the council won't say this because they are too scared of being criticised for not emptying the bins enough. So I think they also need to hear the message that people want other people to take some responsibility and it's ok to ask them to do so.
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Also late night collections or heavy-lidded dumpsters could prevent foxes pulling it out of the conventional bins and shredding it.
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