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Moped on trossachs /tarbert /glengarry

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Joined: 22 Sep 2014, 10:42

There?s a young man who?s been zooming around on his moped on three streets for a few weeks.
Whilst I?m sure he?s having a lot of fun doing his wheelies, I think he needs to slow down a bit ( and maybe try some other streets )

Although it?s not crime of the century, feel that a local Bobby needs to have a quite word with him

Anybody know the best way to report this ?
Also - if anybody else has seen, have you got the numberplate ( I?m old and slow and have a memory like a goldfish )
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Highly irritating noise let alone any dangerous riding. I believe it is usually parked in the front area of a house at the end of Tarbert for reg plate.
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Report here, even better if you have a video https://www.met.police.uk/ro/report/rti ... -incident/
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Safer Neighbourhood Team - you can contact them thru. https://www.met.police.uk/a/your-area/m ... ose-green/
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I have noticed the same and managed to get his numberplate, it is LD65KHW. I?ve reported to Police as I have also seen him riding on the pavement at speed on East Dulwich Grove as well as doing wheelies on other days on East Dulwich Grove.

It is an accident waiting to happen and I hope Police can speak to him before somebody gets hurt as East Dulwich Grove is a main school route. Also same location as last years sad motorbike death.

I did a search online and seems like he has previous
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Ha ha - time for prosecution !
The police will want video or multiple witness evidence, I?d expect.
What a tool 🙄
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The police have got better things to do- this barely sounds like a crime. Its best not to waste their time, or else they'll be moaning when they don't have the resources to turn up to a burglary.
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Cauliflowerear Wrote:
The police have got better things to do- this
barely sounds like a crime.

Using a vehicle in a dangerous way, including on the pavement most definitely is crime. Whether police will do anyyhing is another matter, but PLEASE report it if you have seen it.
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I?m having a huge problem with dangerous moped driving on my road (literally all the way down the pavement as well as wheelies and jumps over speed bumps), so it would be great if you could report this to 101 and the safer neighbourhood team! I have done the same multiple times now so it would be helpful for the police to get a bigger picture of the type and number of issues moped drivers are causing at the moment.

[email protected]

https://www.met.police.uk/ro/report/ocr ... t-a-crime/
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It might or might not be a crime, but it is bloody dangerous. It only takes a cat or a young child to step out between the parked cars and it is not easy to stop from one wheel.
He needs a chat from the police.
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Riding a moped along a pavement isn't acceptable. Driving dangerously isn't acceptable. Its not a 'none event' - he has the capacity to kill someone.

I've seen him often - his antics make me wince and hope that if and more probably when he does inevitably crash that he doesn't injure others too.
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I'm afraid the police will only be interested if (a) there is actual serious injury or death (but not just the risk of it) or (b) a substantial sum of money is involved unless you can allege e.g. racism or homophobia (or possible breaching Covid rules, but there are not, of course, now any of those, although historical breaches might suffice).

Otherwise I'm afraid you'll just have to live with it.

The days of 'chats with the police' are long past.
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I guess we'll have to wait for some kid to be maimed then.
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The video that was shared had a caption stating that the rider opted to go on a driver awareness course rather than pay a fine. Taking that at face value, it would suggest the police were willing to get involved for his previous misdemeanor(s).

That footage was taken by a cyclist with a GoPro style camera. There's a guy who reports hundreds of bad drivers to the police https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/ca ... -to-police and apparently has an 80% prosecution success rate.

The thing is, someone would need to catch him on camera for the police to be able to prosecute - or for them to catch him in the act. But the reality is they are probably not going to run a stake-out op in Trossachs Road to catch some wally doing wheelies...
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Penguin68 Wrote:
> I'm afraid the police will only be interested unless you can allege e.g.
> racism or homophobia

This is rehashing of "useless Khan WOKE police are captured by the gay lobby and too busy investigating anti-semitic haircuts to arrest burglars" Daily Mail nonsense.

I'm not here to defend police and can think of plenty of criticisms and they are too few but my direct experience in this exact neighbourhood is:

1) having reported a similar-ish issue to Safer Neighbourhood Team they responded in a couple of hours and took a reasonable response

2) having reported dangerous and illegal driving through the Met website with photos, they issued Notices of Intention to Prosecute to the registered keepers.
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This is rehashing of "useless Khan WOKE police...

No, this is based on 2 experiences, one very recent, one a few years back, both in East Dulwich. One when the police showed no interest in prosecuting a burglar of a neighbour whom I actually had film (in the act), because the amount stolen in the end was of little value (they even identified the likely culprit from my photo and a neighbours testimony on the get away car registration) and secondly, this year, when the police were not prepared to come to the scene of a car driver intentionally ramming a cyclist against another car (going back and forwards to do this), injuring the cyclist and smashing his bike (again in East Dulwich) because 'the cyclist wasn't so badly injured that he couldn't limp away from the scene'. This latter was, in the end, pursued via correspondence, but no police record was made of the scene, the scattered parts of the bike etc. to support any case against what was very clearly a bad case of road rage, which ended in criminal damage and criminal injury (ABH rather than, thank goodness, GBH).

I have no brief for the Mayor's apparent vendetta against the former Commissioner, nor the Mail's interpretation of that. I, like you, report my direct local experience; which clearly differs from yours.
CPR Dave
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it's not new to Khan either. I reported a sexual assault to the Met when Ken Livingstone was Mayor and they didn't do anything because the assailant had left the scene.
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This particular moped rider, as mentioned in the initial post, is doing wheelies down the roads mentioned. It is a matter of time until he loses control and crashes into a car. I doubt he will stick around to give his details. He is also pretty unpleasant and aggressive, and certainly doesn't like his antics to be recorded in any format. He lives either on Glengarry, Tarbert or Thorncombe.
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The way he rides it's only a matter of time before he comes a cropper. Let's hope he doesn't hurt anyone else in the process.
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