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Brenchley Gardens development

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Does anyone know about Lewisham?s plans for a high rise development on Brenchley Gardens or a contact for the group opposing it?
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I am not sure but I think that it isa proposal for building on the green space on the existing estate. I think that it isn't the actual Brenchley gardens.
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oldermum Wrote:
> I am not sure but I think that it isa proposal for
> building on the green space on the existing
> estate. I think that it isn't the actual Brenchley
> gardens.

This is correct. Southwark building on a lot of 'infill' sites, removing green space in and around Estates. Pretty shoddy when seen in the context of their mass sell off (at a loss) or huge swathes of land and social housing in the South of the Borough.
first mate
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All the more so by a labour administration supposedly committed to greener neighbourhoods.
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Grass or homes? Hard choices for some. Too many people = old rules and norms have to be ditched.
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Grass please
London is already over developed and we need green spaces to provide mental wellbeing and lungs for the city.

Trying to accommodate everyone who wants to live in London is like squeezing your size 16 body into a size 8 dress, eventually it will pop at the seams (if the gusset of infrastructures doesn't collapse first)

Whilst it's not ideal, encouraging people not to move to London by moving jobs out of the capital and to areas where work is badly needed will give London a chance.

The reality is that the more Homes that are built, the more people will want to live here, but like any supply and demand situation, if there's no supply, then the demand will look elsewhere.

Sorry but building on green spaces isn't going to solve Londons overcrowding problem, but it possibly will make it worse.

Anyway I thought everyone was going to work remotely from towns and cities outside London 🙃
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This may be the wrong approach but I would be interested to know the solutions to the housing crisis. There are some bigger issues, second homers, overseas purchasing of new developments and then leaving them unoccupied, those living in places far too large for their needs (including so many extensions going up at present) and how the letting market is distorted by Air BnB. I'd be interested in views.
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Perhaps keep it in relation to Brenchley Gardens rather than the wider debate. The last I'd heard the idea had been dropped.

i) Does anyone know when it was resurrected; And

ii) Are their more details about the proposals?
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In deed. Early posts covered this but then went onto some political hobby horses, which I find it difficult not to question, or at least provide some context. I'll butt out!😊
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