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Personal trainer for arthritis sufferer

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Joined: 11 Nov 2021, 18:01

Has anyone had any experience with the above?

My activity levels really need to rise but I have a fair amount of pain and have to be careful
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Any gym offers personal trainers that can help you understand what works for you.

I have huge experience as a patient in that: I have an autoimmune disease and at times in the past I suffered from pain and symptoms typical of several autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I have sorted these with diet and physical exercise, following advice and guidelines of the greatest experts, and with the extraordinary support of my GP that has encouraged all my experiments in self-care and nutrition. Finding what works for you may be not straightforward and... once you know what to do, you may be in any case disappointed because there is no shortcut or easy way to prevent pain and flare ups! I know people that refuse to make lifestyle changes and prefer pain to any alteration of their routines... Everybody is unique! It's really a matter of understanding the condition, understanding what works for you and sticking with those rules or... accepting you live in pain and on painkillers.

I suggest you have a chat with your GP or rheumatologist at first or physiotherapist if you have one. It is very likely they encourage you to go to the gym, do pilates or moderately yoga, go on strolls / walks / cycling, stay active as much as you can and do whatever makes you feel better: the key point of physical exercise is that, besides other positive aspects, it lowers inflammation in your bloodstream, and then on your joints and muscles and you will feel better quite soon. To avoid: excess of exercise leading to exhaustion / fatigue, high impact exercise (running, aerobic, too much weight).
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Hi there,

My name is Charlie and Im a PT based at Dulwich Sports Club.

At DSC we have a private studio where I take 1-1 personal training.

I offer a free 1 hour consultation before taking on any client where we discuss things such as medical conditions, previous injuries and fitness levels. This means I can create a bespoke plan to suit individual needs and requirements - it also allows you to work out if I am the right fit for you!

I'd be happy to speak in more detail about the above and you can find out more information on my website here - https://www.peckpersonaltraining.com/
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