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Gala. Thursday.

The place to relax and chat about anything. Feel free to discuss the price of fish, music issues, share gardening tips
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Posts: 2421
Joined: 13 Apr 2020, 16:47

Great day/eve. Fab tunes and vibes. Thank you Peckham Rye.
Posts: 4655
Joined: 30 Sep 2010, 21:12

Nicely put. If you want a negative view on the Gala go to the ED section of the site. Glad you enjoyed it.
Posts: 3489
Joined: 26 Apr 2007, 19:54

Saturday is great so far...
Posts: 3830
Joined: 20 Nov 2006, 20:32

Sunday was best. I could enjoy being in garden.
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