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Another priest jailed for child sex abuse

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Joined: 30 Jun 2018, 15:31

I am sick and tired of reading news like this: Horsham catholic priest Anthony White jailed for child sex abuse

What is astonishing in all these crimes involving priests is the long chain of cover-ups.

I wonder if local councillors and others working in schools could not organise something that increases the resilience of the community and the ability of families and single individuals to spot report and stop early signs of abuses.

I have in mind for instance Spotlight, a movie that could work very well to raise awareness in a rational and very serious way, showing how the matter can be entangled with problems of class, status, race, politics, money. It could be projected in schools and churches.
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Unfortunately there are still sections of society that are deemed to be above scrutiny, and not just within faith groups. We seem to be incapable of learning from history.
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