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Any EE / 1p Mobile network problems locally?

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Just a reality check. I've had almost no mobile connectivity since yesterday morning. Initially a No Signal icon, but it's been mainly showing good or strong signal strength but reporting, on startup or attempts to phone or text: "No service. Selected network (1p) unavailable" and "Not registered on network". Currently also no web access via mobile data. Is anyone else experiencing any of this?

And does anyone have a spare adaptor enabling me to try my microsim in another phone that uses standard size sims? I believe the cardboard "three sims in one" container that they're issued in would do the trick, if you still have one spare after having extracted your own microsim.

[Update 15:40: it seems to be creeping back in stages. 3G+ connection was intermittently displayed, but didn't actually connect. Then H+ connection and call dialling was announced, though without any obvious action. Then web connection was restored. And [at 16:20] lost. And the H+ has gorn too, and we've backtracked functionally to where we were this morning. Presumably they now try another (I hope not randomly selected) path to resolution. I wonder how many there are potentially. Anyone want to open a sweepstake?]

[Update Mon 13/6: Service was back to normal by 00:30 this morning and remains so. I've not seen anything on the 1pmobile website about it so am not even sure that they were aware of it. They use the EE network, and their Help service only runs Monday to Friday. I think I'm going to have to contact them, just to be sure that my own phone's state didn't contribute at all.]
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