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Short term property to rent in East Dulwich

Looking to buy, sell or rent in the SE22 area? Post your property's details or your requirements for free in this section (No agents please)
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Joined: 31 May 2022, 16:23

Hi there, we are currently living in Stanmore (North West London) and my son is starting Herne Hill school in September. We were about to sell our current property but things did not go as expected and we did not have so much time until Sept to complete the move. With this Sept deadline in mind, we need to find a place (2 beds min) in Herne Hill/East Dulwich area to move for a short term period (6 months) until we find a place for a longer time. It is super disappointing situation for us now and we need to find a place for my son to start the school on time. I really appreciate the support of this forum and hoping to hear from those of you who wants to consider a short term tenant.
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