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Seeking after school / part time help with 2 children

Buy, sell, give away anything related to family life (e.g. baby equipment, clothes, toys). Nanny services can be sought here too.
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We are looking for a friendly and organised person to look after our 9yr old son and 6.5yr old daughter after school 2-4 days per week from September.

We do have some flexibility in days / times / hours- so please get in touch if you are interested and we can work out what suits everyone.

About us:
We are an active and friendly family living in East Dulwich. My husband works full time - long hours (mostly in the office, 1-2 days at home), and I am returning to study full time. We actually have 3 children, but the youngest (2yr old boy) will be at nursery. At home the kids like reading, drawing & colouring, lego, imaginative play, playing in the garden, watching telly (obviously!), and playing computer games.

About the job:
We are hoping to find someone who is happy to do the following:

* Collect them from school (approx 10mins walk from our house)

* Generally either take them home (could be via the park!) or to their after school activities. They do one joint activity (same day/place), and currently have one other activity each (on different days!).

* Prepare and provide them with snacks & evening meal.

* Encourage them with any homework. It's fairly light - usually just some mathletics/spellings which they can do themselves, they just need prompting to get on with it!

* Help them to tidy up after the above activities.

Finally to note is that I may sometimes be around at the house, and could also have the 2yr old with me. So we'd need someone who is happy to work around us a bit!
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Hello - still looking! Please get in touch if you are interested - we have a good amount of flexibility in days / times
Posts: 168
Joined: 14 Aug 2015, 17:46

Hi! We're still looking for any amount of nanny...

We're pretty flexible, we're after afternoons 2 - 5 days per week. We're friendly and relaxed, please get in touch if any questions.

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Yes still looking , working today has a Nanny . So can’t talk . My number is 07847 701286 , happy to talk tomorrow. If you want to send me your number ,
I can ring you .

Thank You

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