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The Rise of Unneutered Felines in East Dulwich

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Just want to bring awareness to the rise of unneutered felines in our area. During lockdown, many locals were adopting through unregistered breeders, vets, as well as shelters, were not carrying out their usual procedures, & this combination has lead to more ferals roaming East Dulwich.

Now there are many, many issues with this, but I want to highlight just how aggressive unneutered felines are & why you, as a feline parent, should care.

One of my clients has returned home this evening to find their much loved house lion in an incredibly poor state. The feline is clearly suffering wounds from an attack; face full of scratches & a deep gash to the abdomen. The feline is currently on his way to an out of hours emergency animal hospital.

If you are aware of ferals living nearby, please, please reach out to your nearest Celia Hammond Animal Trust. For Dulwich, this would be Lewisham @ 0208 694 6545, & the CHAT team will organise a TNR { trap, neuter, release or rehome } . You could save your feline or another from a life-threatening attack.

If you yourself have a feline that has not been spayed or neutered, contact the Celia Hammond Animal Trust & book one immediately.

There is a nationwide neutering scheme, that offer vouchers in certain circumstances.
Cats Protection, Celia Hammond, PDSA, Blue Cross, RSPCA & other smaller charities. I've been told TNV take them too.

More information
@ https://www.celiahammond.org/index.php/ ... ering-info

Thank you
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