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messagePeckham Rye flood alleviation proposals
Posted by SE22-Newbie October 13, 04:06PM

Hi all,

There was a consultation back in 2018 for the proposed flood alleviation works in Peckham Rye which include new below ground drainage, bunds to the NW corner (Peckham Rye/East Dulwich Road), the 'Donley Ride' area to be 'developed' and the Norther Triangle section to be re-landscaped.

The proposals have now been put forward to the Planning Inspectorate to approve the application and the information will be available until the 16th November.

There have been some amendments since the original consultation but on the whole I understand why these works are being undertaken and just wanted to see what peoples thoughts were on the proposals? There are no details of when the works are likely to commence and how long they are anticipated to take which would be useful to know.




messageRe: Peckham Rye flood alleviation proposals
Posted by Blah Blah October 13, 04:25PM

I think all the proposals are a good idea. The number of times the EDR junctions severely flood in winter from water run and drains that can not cope is all the evidence needed to see that something needs to happen. Perhaps some kind of underground storm drain through the park down to the sewer would help too.

messageRe: Peckham Rye flood alleviation proposals
Posted by Sally Eva October 13, 07:13PM

I've been told various possibly contradictory things about the lost River Peck.

One: that its course is actually lost -- and this seems quite likely since the common is very low-lying and (as everyone knows) very boggy in the winter despite new land drains a few years ago ie the Peck just seeps through the whole area

Two: that it runs under the manhole at the junction of Scylla Road and the east side of Peckham Rye.

Certainly there is a lot of subsidence on the east side of the road going south on the east side of the Rye. Every time I cycle up there I wonder what is causing the non-park side of the road to subside.

What I would really like to see is the Peck restored and made a natural feature of the Common. That may not be possible and lots of boggy bits may be the nearest we can get. Flooding is only going to increase and solutions to slow down the water and persuade it into underground aquifers will be better for all of us (and the wildlife whom we share the planet with)

messageRe: Peckham Rye flood alleviation proposals
Posted by first mate October 13, 07:17PM

Yes, I agree with that. Having a little river running through would be wonderful but probably incredibly expensive.

messageRe: Peckham Rye flood alleviation proposals
Posted by Listen up October 13, 11:25PM

Would’ve been 100% up for supporting this suggestion, glad to see they’re putting some plans into action. Let’s hope they still put part of this into action, at this time of year that section from ED road to Nunhead Lane spends half the week underwater.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit was october 13, 11:26pm by Listen up.

messageRe: Peckham Rye flood alleviation proposals
Posted by Sally Eva October 14, 06:01AM

The paddling pool was closed and filled in about 20 years ago. It was contaminated and the contamination was found to be coming from an underground spring.

It's the patch of wild flowers near where the road for the car park comes in, just north of the pedestrian only path.

messageRe: Peckham Rye flood alleviation proposals
Posted by JohnL October 14, 09:49AM

The area where the Lido used to be could do with landscaping if that's what you mean.

The revival of the Lido looks a bit pie in the sky.

Was that spring The Peck ?

messageRe: Peckham Rye flood alleviation proposals
Posted by Nigello October 14, 09:54AM

Keep the rivet underground. Like it or not, a small minority of residents and visitors are actively hostile to beauty and nature, as can be witnessed with the litter and BBQ burning we have (the latter in summer only, granted). A made-to-resurface babbling brook sounds pretty (but a bit Marie Antoinette to me) though it’s bound to get abused.

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