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Forum Rules

General Forum Rules

  1. Post with respect towards others at all times. The following will not be tolerated:
    • Using insults or profanity directed at another forum member.

    • Trolling, i.e. intentionally instigating controversial arguments with the sole purpose of provoking reactions or winding up other forum members.

    • Questioning other forum members sanity or mental health.

  2. When replying to topics, please ensure your messages are relevant to the topic being discussed. Please start your own topic if you want to change the conversation. This is not enforced in The Lounge.
  3. When creating a new topics, please make an effort to ensure it is created in the appropriate forum board. Please do not make duplicate topics across different boards (aka 'cross posting').
  4. Administrators reserve the right to edit or delete member's postings when necessary, e.g. to remove abusive messages or improve the flow of conversation.
  5. Please don't post messages in purely capital letters, especially the subject line. They will be edited.


Rules For Businesses

East Dulwich Forum was setup as a place for the benefit of local residents - not as a noticeboard for advertising. Therefore there are strict rules regarding self promotion.  Please read these rules carefully if you represent a business and plan on making posts on behalf of your business.

Self promotion rules

It is forbidden to create a new topic on the forum with the purpose of advertising a commercial, for-profit business or service you are connected with.

The following exceptions to this rule apply:

  • If you are a childcarer, cleaner or tutor who is self-employed (i.e. not an agency or company employing other people), you may create a topic to self promote your services in the relevant forum board: the Nanny & Childcare Services, Cleaners or Tutors & Coaches.

The following is allowed:

  • If a forum member creates a topic in the Request a Tradesperson board requesting a trade or service, which you have the ability provide, you are allowed to reply to this topic and promote yourself.
  • It is allowed for customers (not yourself) to create a new recommendation / review topic about your business in the Reviews board. 

Private Messages

You must not send unsolicited private messages (PMs) directly to our members to advertise your business. If another member reports you doing this, you will be immediately banned from the forum. Unsolicited private messages are a form of spam and we will not allow you to use the forum services to achieve this.

Fake Reviews

Making fake recommendations for your business or someone you have direct connections to, also known as a 'shill', is illegal and taken extremely seriously. Any suspicious posts will be removed. Any business who is caught doing so will be permanently restricted from posting on the forum on the first offence. Reviews and recommendations on East Dulwich Forum are regularly checked for legitimacy.


Rules for Selling Items on East Dulwich Forum

East Dulwich Forum members may list physical items for sale in the For Sale & Items Offered and Family Room Classifieds forum boards. Goods can be sold for money or offered for free. Selling of intangible goods in this board is not allowed.

Only goods available for collection in SE22 and surrounding areas of South London may be sold on this forum board.

Goods sold on EDF must be legal, safe, accurately described and fit for purpose. The following items are not allowed to be sold or given away via the forum:

  • Animals
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Knives and other weapons
  • Adult goods

Ensure your thread title accurately describes what you are selling. Please put the price of the item in the thread title where possible, e.g. "Leather Sofa - £50".

If you have a big list of similar items to sell at once (e.g. a garage sale) then please put them all in one thread. Do not create more than 3 topics per day per account.

Where possible, please attach a photo, or a link to a shop where the item can be purchased.

All sale transactions must be organised independently between the buyer and seller. The East Dulwich Forum cannot have any involvement in the transaction and therefore will not take responsibility for disputes (e.g. faulty goods or misleading description). However, accusations of fraud are taken seriously - please report any such occurrences to the forum administrator via the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page.


Rules for Listing Property on East Dulwich Forum

East Dulwich Forum members may list property (residential, commercial or parking spaces) for sale or rent, or posted 'wanted' ads, in the Property in East Dulwich forum board.

This forum board should be used for property located in or near East Dulwich.

Please make thread titles as descriptive as possible, e.g. 2 bed flat with garden to rent in SE22, £X,XXX per month


Rules for Listing Events on East Dulwich Forum

If you are hosting a local upcoming scheduled event, you may submit an event to the Events page for free. After submission, the event will show on the calendar as soon as it is approved by a forum staff member.

The events page is designed to be a useful source of information for local residents. Events added to the calendar must be of interest to a reasonable proportion of East Dulwich residents. As such, there are certain types of events which will be rejected. Forum staff have the final judgement and reserve the right to reject event submissions for any reason.

In general, we do not accept any of the following:

  • Events which repeat every week/month (e.g. pub quiz night every Tuesday) - but you are welcome to create a topic for regular event / club nights in the What's on in East Dulwich board.
  • Events hosted at a venue located over 3km outside of the SE22 postcode boundary.
  • Events which do not have a specific date, start or end time.
  • An upcoming sale at a commercial retailer.
  • Online hosted events which do not relate in some way to the local area.

However if you would like to advertise a event which falls inside one of the above criteria, please consider purchasing one of our advertising packages.


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