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How To Make Mid Girl Dresses Free Shipping Jollyhers

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In case you missed yesterday?s post, the best sale of the whole. dang. year. just started and is everything you?ve dreamed of and so much more (for so much less). As discussed, it?s not an end-of-season-please-buy-this-crap-that-no-one-else-wanted sale, it?s all brand new pre-Fall merchandise that hasn?t even hit other retailers Jollyhers fashion kids clothing free shipping .

While I mostly use this sale to stock up on the fall staples I?ll live in all season (like these over-the-knee boots or this gorgeous leather jacket), the sale also has some absolute GEMS for summer that you can wear right now. Today I?m highlighting five staple pieces that served me well on our recent trip to France and how you can score some of these favorites in the on-going sale.

But wait! You said the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is all *Fall* stuff! I did, and it is. However, the brutal truth is that some people live in climates where it?s summer all. year. long.

I know. What a bunch of jerks.

To help the poor souls who don?t get to spend October through March bundled up and freezing, Nordstrom included some amazing warm-weather pieces in the Anniversary Sale. But whether you live in a place where Fall is not so different from Summer or, like me, you simply are gutting it out in the sauna that is New York City through September, it?s worth keeping an eye out for those staple summer pieces while prices are rock bottom.

Get Jollyhers precious kids clothing here. Use 5% discount code JHERS buy boutique dresses for your little girls from http://www.jollyhers.com/ now.
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If you haven't realised, we're in the UK not the USA

Where you say fall do you actually mean FOOL?
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What flan filling do you like?
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"gutting it out"

Must put that in my commonplace book.
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