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4-5 Person Frame Canvas Tent For Sale (sold)

Sell and give away your articles locally (except family items - put those in The Family Room classifieds)
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Our family canvas frame tent is no longer needed (kids have grown-up etc.). It's very sturdy and waterproof so looked after, it will last for years to come. There are two ample sleeping compartments and a main living area so the two kids used to sleep in the two compartments and us adults had the living are to occupy so we never felt claustrophobic. When opened out, there's a porch propped up with poles (see attached still from a holiday vid) plus mesh windows - so on hot days there's plenty of ventilation.

It's a French-made Cabanon Protecta similar in design and colour to the one in the attached ad. It includes a soft bags for the tent and another for the poles. If serious and its dry, we can can unfurl it in the back garden for closer inspection.


Richard 07836 287080 SE24.
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