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Improving the outside of your property as a leaseholder without a share of the freehold

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Joined: 20 Dec 2016, 16:46

Hi all

I bought a flat in a converted house in the area and love it. The only real downsides are the external of the building and the freeholders, who live in the block, but just don't care and have zero pride in the house.

Our house is probably one of the worst looking on the road, and it would probably take very little effort to bring it up to a reasonable standard. Unfortunately, the freeholders are utterly territorial and aggressive, and won't even consider allowing anyone to help out.

I don't want to buy the freehold, and forming a Right to Manage company may not be feasible, as the freeholders own 2 out of the 4 flats.

Anyone have any ideas/advice?

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What does your lease say about responsibilities for maintenance?
intexasatthe moment
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Good point ianr .There's normally something about painting the exterior ,window frames etc .
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