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Family tent: Gelert Horizon 6

Sell and give away your articles locally (except family items - put those in The Family Room classifieds)
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Joined: 11 May 2009, 10:24

Family tent for sale. Gelert Horizon 6. There are two 3-man sleeping pods and a communal middle area.
It's a big tent. We can't actually fit it into our 35ft garden for the purposes of photos etc.
Here is a video (someone else's video I found on YouTube - this is the model but not the actual tent).

We only used it 2-3 times. Then time, pandemics, children growing up etc etc.

It's in excellent condition. There's no missing pegs or ropes etc. All is there as if new. And in not far off new condition. Feel free to PM me with questions etc.

?100. And you're very welcome to take it somewhere local to put it up and check it out.
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