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Mother Nurture

Discuss anything related to family life in East Dulwich.
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Join us each Friday to share your feelings and experiences of becoming a mother in a safe space. Mother Nurture is a listening circle run by two local mums, Maru and Hannah.

We have found that mothering can be as intensely overwhelming as it can be rewarding so we aim to provide a non-judgemental, compassionate group for other local mums. Because most of us go through the same things and there is value in taking strength from each other.

We'll be ready to make you a hot drink & pastry from 10:00. The group will start at 10:30. we would prefer if you can arrive by 10:30 so we can start on time.

Please book via https://buytickets.at/nappyfree/609704

The hall is wheelchair and buggy accessible and there is space for prams inside. We'll provide some mats and toys for babies.

We look forward to welcoming you

Maru and Hannah
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