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Rapid / bedding / bonding mortar x10bags of each

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tuffbond Bonding mortar x10 ?20each
Its strong adhesive qualities ensure that paving is properly bonded to the bedding layer beneath. If the bedding layer is going onto a concrete base, it is also usual to prepare the surface with a layer of bonding mortar before placing the bedding. Creates the essential adhesion bond between bedding and the paving element
Applied to supporting concrete structures
High resistance to shear forces and thermal stresses

tuffbed Bedding mortar x10 ?10each
tuffbed high performance fine bedding mortar is suitable for use in pavements constructed in concrete or natural stone paving units. Suitable for shallow bedding depth of 15-50 mm
Reduces the effect of efflorescence, frost damage and picture framing on paving

tuffsetG Rapid mortar x10 ?25each
Ideal for overnight rapid repairs and raised traffic tables. Capable of being subjected to heavy trafficking in 3 hours. 30-70mm bedding depth
Multi-purpose: bedding, priming, jointing, emergency repairs & filling around gully and manhole frames in carriageways

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