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Southwark Schools

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There's a report on the London BBC website today that says Southwark will not exclude pupils for bad behaviour unless they put another child's safety at risk.

BBC News - Southwark schools agree not to exclude students

I'm in two minds over this, whilst it removes potential education disruption for the pupil who would have been expelled, especially if it's caused by learning difficulties, autism or ADHD, but it could lead to disruption to other pupils and also give further incentive to pupils to misbehave because nothing of consequence will happen to them.

I wonder how the disruptive pupils will fare in the work environment after?
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Isn't that up to the schools?
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I really feel for the teachers! They are having to deal with these disruptive pupils whilst trying to teach their planned lesson to pupils who want to learn and engage.
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malumbu wrote: 19 Jul 2022, 23:22 Isn't that up to the schools?
Of course it’s up to the schools!

But no harm in discussing it
It could affect many in one way or the other!
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I think the issue is about support in the classroom. Exclusions can happen because there's not enough help for a child who needs extra attention, which therefore means the whole class is affected. I think Southwark are doing the right thing by keeping children in school wherever possible, let's hope the teachers get the appropriate help to manage this.
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