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Transformational Breathwork Session


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Transformation Breathwork Experiences are very different for each person. There may be a sense of light, joy or tears; it really does vary from person to person. Whenever I've attended as a participant rather than guided the session I have found the experience very grounding, each time it has left me feeling incredibly grateful and calm. Some people may have physical sensations, these could be from feeling hot, cold, tension in the hands. Again these really do vary from person to person. I will talk through all of this at the beginning of the session and answer any questions you may have.
You don't need any experience at all to take part in the session. The focus is on deep inhales and exhales through the mouth whilst laying on the floor listening to music. It is quite physical, I will give you lots of encouragement to keep breathing along with lots of supportive words of encouragement, the music will keep you going! You really do get out of the session what you put in, it's a pretty special experience.
 The session will be for a small group, be around 90mins, £35, in a small studio behind Push studios off Lordship lane, East Dulwich. 
It's important for me to create an environment where you feel totally comfortable and have the best possible experience and have an opportunity to release anything that has been sitting with you emotionally that you are ready to release.
Please get in touch for more informational.  Hope you can join me.

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