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messageBunion operation (glamorous!)
Posted by Fwomble June 07, 05:25AM

Anyone had this operation recently? Did it hurt/ was it worth it/ were you really off your feet for 6 weeks, & if so, how did you manage? Thanks

messageRe: Bunion operation (glamorous!)
Posted by Sue June 07, 09:32AM

I have bunions. They run (no pun intended) in my family.

I was told by a podiatrist I saw for something else that an operation would not be worthwhile.

My mother had an op for hers. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it didn't work.

I think it probably depends on individual circumstances and whether for you the likely advantages would outweigh the cons?

Is your GP recommending you have it done?

ETA: Could you have one foot done at a time, so you could hopefully still hobble about?

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messageRe: Bunion operation (glamorous!)
Posted by skylorikeet June 10, 04:31PM

I had both feet done at the same time. It didn't hurt, it was nothing compared to the pain of hobbling with bunions and a Morton's neuroma (caused by the bunion and exacerbated by running). I had both feet done together as I thought that if I was going to be laid up I'd prefer it to be just the once and also because the surgeon said it's so painful that after surgery lots of people don't get the other foot done. I agree with Sue that it depends on your individual circumstances but for me it was't worth it as they came back within 5 years and now I'm pretty much back where I started but I also have discomfort from the scar tissue around where the neuroma was. I think I had a good surgeon, I just don't think the operation has massively successful outcomes. Maybe get a couple of medical opinions if you can?

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