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messagePrivate nurseries: Staying open during COVID-19?
Posted by rayhope March 19, 05:46PM

Wondering what other people's private nurseries are doing/saying about closure / fees etc.

Our nursery is saying it's business as usual as the government didn't specify private nurseries are to close like they did with state and private schools. As such they are open to all children. Seems like that's not right so curious what is happening with other people.


messageRe: Private nurseries: Staying open during COVID-19?
Posted by SpanglishJJ March 19, 07:29PM

I hope this information helps.


messageRe: Private nurseries: Staying open during COVID-19?
Posted by kingy68 March 19, 08:54PM

They most definitely should not be open .
I am an Ofsted registered Childminder and we have had close our setting .
It clearly states it on the Government website .

messageRe: Private nurseries: Staying open during COVID-19?
Posted by HelenAnne March 19, 09:55PM

My nursery is closing for the masses but will likely stay open for the key workers if required.
We have around 6 children that have at least one parent who may be defined as a key worker.
I know one mum works as a pharmacist.
If the other parent in the family isnít a key worker, weíll be 100% closed.
As far as I know we have no police or fire personnel or delivery drivers but I think we might have one carer/nurse.
Things are all up in the air at the moment.
If we open, our staff will take a week at a time, following the daily advice given.

Take care, everyone



messageRe: Private nurseries: Staying open during COVID-19?
Posted by HelenAnne March 20, 05:13PM

Okay so update from my nursery.
We are open for the children of key workers, of which my colleagues and I could also be classed in that category.
Basically we have around 18 children (half the nursery) of key worker parents, we thought would be less but we didnít envisage that the key worker list would be so extensive.
So we are all working one or two days a week so everyone has a chance to work to actually earn, and the director is going to try and pay our contracted hours even though we are only working half.
So I work 32 hours a week and one week Iíll be doing 20 and the other week only 10, but the boss wants to pay us as much as he can.
Heís even saying to the parents not to pay the full fees, just enough to cover the staff wages so their children will be looked after by the same people when we return to normal.
Even the parents who cannot bring their children in, he will not charge even though legally he can.
He will allow the children of non key workers to leave then re join again when we are back to normal at no extra cost.
Instead of different shifts, we will all be doing 8-6 until further notice but will be working different days.
So there you go, and I said Iíd be in provided I and my family do not come into contact with anyone who has been positively diagnosed.

Take care everyone

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