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messageCleaner recommendations please!
Posted by bubblebob 11 September, 2013 16:01

I am looking to get a new cleaner and would love one that was good and yet not rude about the state of my house! Does any one have someone that they can recommend please!

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by hazelnunhead 11 September, 2013 17:44

Why not try Jane Jefferson Cleaning. You can call her on 07775625026 or jennifer@JaneJeffersonCleaning.com She is local and has just started up a cleaning business.
Cleaners are trained, you get a cleaning plan, work is checked etc.

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by EmilyPie 11 September, 2013 18:53

Our cleaner is very nice. We trust her and think she does a good job. Pm me if you want more details.

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by Seara 12 September, 2013 19:38

Hi, I'm Helena , I'm looking for extra jobs , good references ,15 years of experience . If you need my services please call me on 07961337223 . Thank you

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by mbennett 14 September, 2013 06:29

Hi I have a lovely cleaner called Irina, I have been using her weekly for the past year since I went back to work. Pm me and I will send you the details

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by DavidWall 15 September, 2013 13:59

Our cleaner is very nice, hard working and does a good job cleaning. Her name is Jowita, she is Polish and we pay her £10 per hour.

She currently has some availability, so please contact her on 07774 488145.


messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by sidmeister 15 September, 2013 19:41

I would recommend Marzena, who's been cleaning my place for almost 2 years. I pay her £11 an hour through this agency called Domestic Shine (Joanna: 07891 653 122). Marzena's English is very limited (she's Polish and also speaks rudimentary Russian), but I haven't found that to be a problem especially as the quality of her work is absolutely top notch!

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by tarafitness 16 September, 2013 16:43

Please see my recommendation for our lovely cleaner Kate. She tidies as well as cleans... which is just as well as I'm far from neat!

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by Dun 08 May, 2015 15:02

I'd say don't use Jane Jefferson cleaning. Why? Because they (part of a chain)have illegal ads attached to bicycles which are padlocked to local bike parking areas. This illegal & inconsiderate advertising is taking away bike parking areas needed by people shopping and visiting in the area. Prime example is outside the parade of shops by the Blackbird bakery. Complaints have been made to the council who will hopefully fine them and remove the bikes.

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by samyb1 10 May, 2015 09:36

Well I'm a childminder ,and my house is always a huge unattractive mess once the kids have done there worse. And our bathroom takes a good bashing...... But our cleaner Melissa doesn't bat a eyelid and it's great to come back to a clean house ...... Until the kids turn it upside down again . Melissa 07723328172

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by dprodonnell 14 May, 2015 15:03

Dun, by way of right of reply...

- Not a chain, Jane Jefferson is a one woman company who is all about treating low skilled, low paid women with dignity and respect. Jane Jefferson could be making a whole lot of money if she chose (like many companies do) NOT to treat people with dignity and respect.

- Jane Jefferson is a local company that was mentioned in a Bill hearing in The House of Commons (by the MP for Lewisham East - Heidi Alexander). Heidi said Jane Jefferson Cleaning should be held up as a shining example to all the 'chains' that avoid paying tax, avoid the Living Wage and dodge their statutory responsibilities by sub-contracting cleaners (grey market / technically illegal) or worse, paying cash in hand (black market / illegal).

- Jane Jefferson Cleaning is the only domestic cleaning company to be recognised by the Living Wage Foundation - in the whole country - and is starting to draw positive attention to its ethical employment practice, and by association, her staff, our community and our area - be proud.

- A local firm who employs locally and who pays more tax to HMRC per cleaner than any other domestic cleaning company in the land. Who pays holiday pay, sick pay and sends gifts to her valued cleaners who benefit from their mutual respect. This rubs off in performance on the 300+ clients who register a 90% satisfaction rate. NOBODY ELSE DOES THIS. NOBODY.

- The bike adverts are not illegal (a Civil matter) but no longer are they there either. Not because Jane Jefferson is scared by the tiny anonymous minority that have posted threatening, erroneous emails/posts and vandalised her bikes. No, Jane Jefferson moved her bikes because a minority of the community are a bit miffed. Jane Jefferson wishes someone would have just picked up the phone or sent an email rather than orchestrating a malicious smear campaign.

- Her best performing cleaners are given bikes that bear Jane Jefferson advertising, so you will see them around and about from time to time. Jane Jefferson staff have as much right to lock their bikes up as anyone else. Southwark Council and the Police have confirmed this.

Does Jane Jefferson need to worry about their staff's personal safety and property? It seems that they do and that is why the incidences of abuse and vandalism have been reported to the Police. The Police have filed copies of all emails, nasty posts and photographic evidence of damage at Peckham Police station and should this malice persist in an evidential way, the Police have assured Jane Jefferson they would initiate a Criminal investigation.

Don't hate. This is a good local firm, run by good people for good people. Jane Jefferson delivers good outcomes for all.

Jane Jefferson would hugely value your support. Goodness knows she needs it! Jane Jefferson is up against, taking on and trying to change the very 'chains' you accuse them of being.

Please consider this.

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit was 2015:05:15:22:42:57 by dprodonnell.

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by Dun 14 May, 2015 15:28

Hi, apologies if you are not part of a chain as I thought.
I have no problem with your employees using bikes that carry your advertising. In fact I think its great when employees are encouraged to use bikes where possible.
However I think locking up a bike for a few hours while working somewhere is one thing, another very different proposition is to lock a bike long term (over a month) without moving it - this is advertising and not using the bike locks as they are meant to be.
I don't hate, I didn't threaten nor did I vandalise anything or any one, however I was annoyed. Now that you have removed the bikes that were left as adverts I am fine as the bike lock ups are able to be used by the general public.
Thank you.

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by dprodonnell 14 May, 2015 15:56

I take your point Dun, and Jane Jefferson will be mindful of it in the future.

Thanks and best wishes,


messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by Deniers 16 July, 2015 19:17

I have used Jane Jefferson for a few months in the past and I would definitely not recommend them.
They charge a lot but in my experience the cleaning is no better than other agencies.
They promise a lot but never in the months I used them did they contact me to ask if I was happy or check my cleaners work. One of their cleaners actually told me they overestimate how long to do each job and she often completes house cleans with half an hour spare but they charge the full price.
They were frequently disorganised forgetting my cleaners holiday, and forgetting refunds when my cleaner didn,t turn up.

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by myblueshell 25 February, 2018 10:25

Avoid Jane Jefferson Cleaners.Disproportionate admin charges and unable to provide regular cleaners. We were allocated five different cleaners in 3 months and one of them left 30 mins earlier than agreed without finishing chores. They also took 10 days and charged £14 to return our keys

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by Sazzle30 26 February, 2018 20:16

One question which as always stopped me from getting a cleaner.

Will giving your cleaner a key invalidate your contents insurance as youíve given a key to someone who isnít resident?

Insurers are reluctant to pay out at the best of times

( not suggesting for one minute the cleaner would be stealing)

Iíd be interested to know if this has impacted any claims


messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by hammerman 26 February, 2018 22:08

Sazzle30 - could you not contact your insurance provider for an answer to your question?

Could you let us know what the answer is as you've raised a valid question.

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by hammerman 26 February, 2018 23:19

Just realised that the OP asked this question nearly 5 years ago but was active on the forum last year, 2017?

Please let us know how you got on bubblebob?

messageRe: Cleaner recommendations please!
Posted by Sazzle30 28 February, 2018 22:06

Iím surprised with so many people having cleaners these days that no one knows the answer - I found this online


Think Iíll continue to clean myself but will speak to my insurers if I do decide to get one

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit was 2018:02:28:22:09:03 by Sazzle30.

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