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messageAnyone know ?
Posted by lavender27 21 November, 2018 13:05

Does anyone know the word for a "non-learner" ?

messageRe: Anyone know ?
Posted by hazelnunhead 21 November, 2018 14:34

Interesting, I am not sure there is a term for this, is the debate not around the teaching? Are you looking for a term to describe whether learning has or has not taken place?

messageRe: Anyone know ?
Posted by lavender27 21 November, 2018 19:37

Someone who cannot learn something

messageRe: Anyone know ?
Posted by jollyrogers 22 November, 2018 20:14

I don't think there is a word for someone who cannot learn something and as a teacher, I believe that anyone can learn anything if they want to. Teachers talk about learners having a 'fixed mind set' or a 'growth mind set'. If you can share more details I might be able to help.

messageRe: Anyone know ?
Posted by DyslexiaSouthLondon 23 November, 2018 10:47

Everybody can learn! I once home-schooled a boy - one morning a week - who had been told he was 'impossible to teach' (aged 10!) and he learned so much in such a short time then went on to a different school and thrived! Some people just learn differently.

messageRe: Anyone know ?
Posted by lavender27 30 November, 2018 12:14

Hi guys, sorry for delay in replying, I will try to explain further, I have been trying to learn/memorise something for the past 8 months now, and it just won't stick I have to refer to the book every time. I feel I am a non-learner, but there must be another word for this. Any suggestions would help. Thankyou.


messageRe: Anyone know ?
Posted by uncleglen 30 November, 2018 19:55

It's called Anterograde Amnesia

messageRe: Anyone know ?
Posted by hazelnunhead 30 November, 2018 20:39

Lavender you might need to try different strategies to make it stick. there are ways in doing this, if you are interested I can give you further information. (Part of my work is to support university students with Lesrning differences, and this is an aspect that we look at). There can be different reasons from processing to short term memory difficulties.

messageRe: Anyone know ?
Posted by jenny pink 12 December, 2018 20:34

a few tricks I learned as a student....

if you have to read,read it out loud,as it sticks better to your (sub)consciousness)...
it helps do decode your memory

Another technique is Sleep learning....this means listening to a tape/CD on auto reverse,while you're sleeping.......
Google ''The official Sleep Learning Website'

there a lots of listening-learning tapes/CDs available....check your library too

hope that helps


Pm me,if needed

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