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messageHelp! Am I too late for a good nursery?
Posted by Emmast5 March 06, 06:42PM

Hi all

Iím having my first baby in August 2020 and have just been told by a colleague that Iím late for registering for a good nursery. Is this true? Baby will need to go to nursery in August/September 2021.


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messageRe: Help! Am I too late for a good nursery?
Posted by motorbird83 March 06, 08:27PM

My information is a bit out of date as my daughter is now 3 but no one in my NCT group registered for nursery before their babies were borne and everyone found a place at a good nursery. I know because we all started looking shortly after our babies were born. Back then, if you don't need the place for a year then it was entirely possible.

Gumboots where I got my daughter in may be the only exception as from memory they didn't have any full time places (we only needed 2 days a week though as we mixed nursery with a nanny) but I'm pretty sure you have to put the date of birth of your baby and their name to register so I'm not sure you are meant to register before they are born!

messageRe: Help! Am I too late for a good nursery?
Posted by carebear March 08, 11:17PM

Youíre not too late! Great idea to register before baby is born (which I appreciate feels quite ridiculous) and also to register with a few but most people I know have found things slot into place.
I registered my youngest about halfway through her pregnancy. Our first choice didnít offer until 18m but other places came up within my year of going back to work. I have three children and have been through three different local nurseries in the area so happy to talk specifics if you want to PM me.
It may depend on your flexibility too - ie could you take days of the week offered and re-jig your days? On the flip side some prioritise people who want a full time place so worth investigating policies of the ones youíre interested in.
Also worth considering nanny share or childminder for alternatives if you struggle to find a place bit def donít give up!

messageRe: Help! Am I too late for a good nursery?
Posted by nina_maniana March 09, 10:08AM

Not too late but iíd get on the case now. You would still find somewhere if you left it later but if you give yourself a head start then you have the pick of the bunch.

Also, trust me, it will be easier looking and making a decision now than after your baby is born! Like many of us you may think Ďoh iíll have time on maternity leaveí - you really wonít xx

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