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messageThe jets are back (flying over)
Posted by firth May 25, 06:16AM

So 6 in the morning and I have heard 4 jets flying over. This the first time I have heard this in 8 weeks.
Is the lockdown over ?
I have always thought the government should govern the country not take the bloody piss.

messageRe: The jets are back
Posted by Monkey May 25, 08:13AM

I can hear them now and have started noticing increased activity a few weeks ago. Probably full of people flying back to to mummy and daddy in case they get sick.

We’re not governed.

messageRe: The jets are back
Posted by beer_hound May 25, 08:40AM

If you look at flightradar, a site that tracks flights flying overhead, you will notice the majority of flights approaching Heathrow are cargo flights.

messageRe: The jets are back
Posted by IlonaM May 25, 08:41AM

I've heard a few flying overhead over the last week or two. THe first one sounded very alien after weeks of gorgeous peace filled with bird song.

messageRe: The jets are back
Posted by seenbeen May 25, 01:19PM

charter flights

messageRe: The jets are back
Posted by Rockets May 26, 01:03PM

A lot are repatriation and cargo flights - even a lot of the passenger planes have been re-equipped to carry cargo.

I think Heathrow is running at about 10% of capacity and a lot of those flights are basically empty. Terminals 3 and 4 have been closed, only one runway is operating and I suspect they are funnelling arrivals into windows (much like they used to do at City) so you'll get a flurry of landings at certain times of the day.

messageRe: The jets are back (flying over)
Posted by exdulwicher May 26, 01:27PM

Wind has changed direction.
Last week or so it was almost all from the east so what little that was going into Heathrow was approaching via Slough. Wind is now SW again so everything is circling in over London.

Flightradar is a good site, there's this one as well which shows up military flights:

Often a few Typhoons, F16s and Lightning II out over the North Sea with a tanker plus the massive C17 and A400M cargo planes have been doing a fair bit in the quieter skies.

Everything commercial in and out of City is suspended so that's certainly helping with keeping the peace over Dulwich.

messageRe: The jets are back (flying over)
Posted by SnakeFilth May 26, 03:42PM

Heard one go over at about 4:40 this morning, are they allowed to go over that early?

messageRe: The jets are back (flying over)
Posted by Rockets May 26, 04:16PM

Yes I am afraid they are. They are limited on the number of night take-offs and landings they can make and they try to schedule the planes to arrive (mostly from the Far East) from 4.30am to 6am. We tend to hear them buzzing our house from 5am but if they get a good tailwind they can be as early as 4.30am.

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