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sticky threadRules for posting in this section of the forum
Posted by Administrator 22 July, 2010 09:03

NO TITLES IN CAPITAL LETTERS please. It's rude and unnecessary, posts breaking this rule will, now how do I put this so that some of you understand, I know... THEY WILL GET DELETED WITHOUT WARNING.

If you are posting anything to do with family, children, babies etc please use the Family Room classifieds instead

This part of the forum is not to be used for commercial or business retailing purposes. Goods sold on must be legal, safe, accurately described and fit for purpose. The following items are not allowed to be sold:
Alcohol & tobacco products | Knives, weapons or replica weapons(i.e copies, replicas, lookalikes etc)

When you post a message please make it descriptive in the in the subject/title. E.g. do not put "Boxes" when "Packing Boxes for sale" or "12 x 10 Removal boxes for sale" would be better. It makes life easier for other users and means the right people are more likely to read your message.

The most frequently broken rules which result in the removal/editing of all your ads without a polite warning:
- Do not type the subject title in capital letters or use excessive punctuation.
- There has to be a connection to East Dulwich e.g. Someone from Madrid offering their holiday villa in Madrid gets deleted.
- Do not repetitively post about what you're selling.
- Do not continually post messages to get your item for sale back to the top of the list (when 14 posts did this in one day we decided to put a stop to it). Excessive "still for sale" posters will have all their messages deleted without warning.
- If you are selling multiple items i.e more than three please do it in one post, not a post for each one.
- People continuously selling nickable electronic items i.e. phones may have their accounts suspended.
- Animals can only be sold if there's a link to them listed on another reputable website.

Please refer to the Terms of use [www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk] for more.

Thank you.

The Administrator
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