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Pram /buggy advice


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My better half and I are in the process of trying to pick a pram for our impending bundle of joy's arrival next June.

We went to JL and had a good look around yesterday, as well as M&P's, but it's hard to know what's good and what's just marketing.

As there are so many pram users in ED, I thought I'd ask if anyone has any recommendations?

Good brands? Models? Size? What's easy to use etc etc

Any bad feedback?

If you have a pram and a minute to spare, all input would be recommended.

Ideally we'd like a bassinet style to start, moving to an upright for later on.


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We have a Micralite Superlite with the carrycot from the Fastfold (using the car seat adaptors). We love it. It's really light and does the whole carrycot / car seat / pushchair modes but isnt that expensive. It folds up quite compact too and has chunky back wheels so can cope with a bit of off-road. They sell them in Soup Dragon.
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It really depends on your circumstances - size of place you live, storage, stairs to climb, use of a car, use of the bus etc

Another consideration is how soon you plan to have number 2 (if at all).

I went for the Bugaboo Cameleon which I really loved, that said it's quite big and doesn't fold conveniently - worked fine for us as I tend not to use the bus and live in a house where I am able to store it unfolded. I also have a car with a large boot! I also had a second car boot / holiday / bus Maclaren buggy for the odd occasions a small buggy needed. The Maclaren is great for this but I def would not have as an only or main buggy!

I have recently changed to a Phil and Ted's Vibe II, had I have anticipated a 15month age gap I would have bought this at the outset! Very pleased with that so far but is much heavier given its built for 2!

Choose a buggy based on what is best for your circumstances, don't worry too much about price there is a good second hand market and you can pick up a really expensive buggy in great condition at a fraction of the original cost.

Good luck

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I also shelled out for a Bugaboo Cameleon and love it. And we live in a flat and have no car and I go on buses and trains a lot! I do so much walking and it is great to push this pram around as it runs really smoothly and turns very easily. Also, my baby sleeps really well in it, so it must be very comfy for him too! It is a decent size, especially if you have a big baby.

But beware, it's not cheap and there are quite a few extras (e.g. footmuff) that are quite expensive. But as somebody already said you can get really good ones second hand. We bought ours new because we are planning to have more than one child and the resale value is really good.

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Ditto about making sure it fits through the door, in the car boot, on the bus (some are too wide) etc but I'd like to suggest second hand buggies. I've bought second hand for both my kids and had fab results - try gumtree, ebay or posting something on the classified forum on EDF, FH or Sydenham to bag a decent bargain for under ?80. You could easily get the M&P pram on one of these if your heart is set on it. Personally I think Bugaboos are too expensive.
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Another vote for the Bugaboo Cameleon. I walk everywhere and it's so nice to push plus E always slept well in it. We live in a flat but are able to store it unfolded in the hallway. ALthough it's a proper travel system it's actually quite narrow so fine on the bus (although not at busy times). We also have a Maclaren too which takes up less space in the car but not nearly as comfy to push and a bumpy ride for little one!

A friend of mine got the Silver Cross 3D and said it was very heavy to push? I'd recommend a test drive!

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