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Am I wasting my time?


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I have been really disappointed recently to have some posts that I've made disappear off the forum. I understand that this is the East Dulwich Forum and you want to keep it local, but is Bellenden Road really deemed to be too far away! My housemates and I have been using the forum for years and have never had a problem before. I shop and drink in East Dulwhich and contribute to the local economy and judging by some of the other posts some East Dulwichians have even ventured into SE15 to sample some of our lovely bars and restaurants. I really do live only 5 minutes away, surely we can all be friends? If it really is so important that postees have an SE22 post code then maybe this should be made clear in the rules and I'll go elsewhere, but I thought we left postcode rivally up to the disaffected youth of today! I'm hoping there's just been a mistake.

kind regards to all


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I doubt it very much as half the posters on here live in Peckham - are you sure posts weren't just moved to another section? This post for example you have but in the East Dulwich Issues section when really it's about your perception of the forum and should be in "About the forum" section?

Which posts do you think have been removed?

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