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State pensions - green paper


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A green paper on the proposed future of state pensions was supposed to be published in November.

Anybody know anything about this?

I've deferred claiming my state pension pro tem (much good though I'm sure that's going to do me) in case there's a miniscule chance I might end up better off, and I need to know what the latest is - though I suspect there will be a two-tier system and people my age will just be told "tough, you're still on the old system".

Before anyone tells me, yes I know I will get a bigger monthly pension anyway by deferring it, but it will still be lower than it should be because I was a student for too long :-$ and nobody ever told me there was a cap on the number of years your NI payments were waived, or whatever the technical term is, whilst you are a student :-$

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louisiana Wrote:


> Presumably you're wondering about a reduction in

> number of years required?


No, I'm wondering whether, having already reached pension age (as it is at the moment for women ie 60), I am likely to be eligible for this future proposed massive state pension which future pensioners are going to get, or whether I am stuck with what I'm due at the moment (6)

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