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My daughter will be 1 on 20 January and at the moment I'm BFing her 3 times a day - when she wakes, 3pm-ish and bedtime - with water to drink the rest of the day.

I want to get her used to taking a sippy cup of milk for the 3pm-ish feed before she starts with her childminder at the beginning of February.

I was planning to start this in the new year so she's got time to get used to it and doesn't associate the change with Mummy going back to work when she'll have enough other stuff to take on board.

Do you think it's OK to go straight to cows milk or should I do formula till she hits her first birthday and hope she doesn't mind the swap from BF to formula and then to cows milk in quick succession? She already has cows milk on her breakfast cereal, so she's used to the taste, whereas she's not really had a lot of formula.

What would you do?

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I would go to cows milk. Thre reasons for not having it as a drink pre-1 as I understand it are mostly to do with it having insufficient nutrition (but swapping out just one bf at this point can't be that harmful) along wth some possible effects on iron absorption/possible allergy that must be related to how mucy cows milk is taken in total.
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