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Back from Kenya. Thank you for your donations.


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Hi everyone

my little boy and I have just got back from Kenya where we had an amazing time.

The work at the orphanage where I taught yoga to the children was a mix experience with a lot of challenge, frustration, heart break but also fun and reward.

The first orphanage was run by a very corrupt man who kep the kids living in squallid conditions and wearing rags to lure tourists in with generous donations which he then pocketed himself. I delved into the matter and helped as much as I could, but it made me very angry. Corruption is very endemic.

The second was the Hilton in comparison, with caring and enthusiasti staff and a lovely building with gardens and a playground.

In both places the kids were delighted to have a white person care and work with them and they adored my son (long, blond curly hair) whom they treated as a superstar.

All in all I realised though that these children were lucky compared to the ones outside the orphanage. At least they had a roof over their head, something to eat every day, clothes and schooling.

Sadly, the reality is that some children don't have all that so I made the decision to give the stuff you kindly gave me to families I met along the way during my journey who I felt needed it the most.

For example, there was a small group of women who were kept as slaves by their husbands and were working in open mines breaking coral rocks and grinding them with hand tools. All the little money made went to theri husbands. They slept under an open tarpulin and had nothing. Their children played along side covered in dust. It was a sorry site which I walked past every day on my way to the orphanage.

I gave them a lot of the stuff you gave me as well as lots and lots of food. No money of course, as that would go the husbands.

I considered my decisions carefully so I hope you will be pleased with the people I chose to donate your stuff, even if it was originally meant for the orphanage.


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