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best formula for ?excema baby

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My daughter is wanting to introduce nearly 5 month old to the bottle. It takes her so long to express 15ml even with electric pump, which little one plays with and then spits out with great joy, that she is thinking about trying a formula mix to begin with. However baby has very dry, irritated skin, ongoing cradlecap and ? excema, she is seeing specialist in january. Is there a formula that is less likely to cause potential irritation to her skin? Any help much appreciated:)
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I'm sure the specialist can advise her what formula to try but there are loads out there for babies with sensitivities - goat's milk as Claire says, but also soya and I think Aptamil do a hypoallergenic one for babies.

I don't think cradle cap has anything to do with allergies so wouldn't worry about it as it will disappear on its own or you can get shampoos that help control it.

Good luck to your daughter.

Edited for grammatical error!

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I suggest you research the use of goat milk formula in infants before trying it. Its not approved for infant use in the UK and is actually banned in many countries across the world. It provides inadequate nutrition for infants under one. Just so you know, you can find more information on the net and from DoH. Last I read it was illegal for sale in the UK pending labeling issues. Unsure of the situation right now..

My sister breastfed for 2 months before switching my niece to soya formula then onto goats milk at 18 months due to eczema and psoriasis. She still suffers now at 5 but not as bad. My mother breastfed my brother until he was nearly 2, he suffers the some of the worst eczema ever seen by the dermatologist. My mum actually changed her diet whilst continuing to breastfeed (this is the best choice with eczema baby) she completely cut out all gluten, diary and wheat meaning she became 100% vegan, the eczema gradually passed and my brother is now a completely free of eczema 11 year old, this was not expect when he was 1 year old.

I know you were asking about bottles but thought this might be of a bit of interest. By the way, the doctor/dermatologist will prescribe formula on prescription when they find out what would be best for the individual baby.

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I believe there are many loop holes, just as regular infant formula. I see it all the time too, definitely for sale on Lordship Lane.

Goats milk actually contains over double the protein of human milk and infant formula. This can cause severe dehydration in young babies and put added pressure on the kidneys. There is a lot of people out there who use it and their babies thrive very well. But as with everything this is not always the case. If I remember correctly a UK E.U policy change in 2008/2009 advised health care professionals not to recommend the use of goat milk based products in infants under one year of age.

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