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Someone once said to me that being in business is like a sickness, you are an oddity who cannot get along with others.

I have been driven by fear throughout my life to avoid becoming a down and out.

It is very solitary, and although you may be surrounded by people in a room one feels very much alone.

When you start a business it is as if you have created a living being, which only stays alive by your constant attention, and if you start to neglect it, it will surely die.

One curious person said "so you have a business" I replied 'no it has me'.

The results of your endeavours are counted by the size of loan you can repay for your house, office, and car.

They are a by-product of the energy and fear that have driven you through life.

One gets little or no prestige like a doctor or lawyer, you are perceived mostly as a vulgar pedlar.

I invite other members of the Self-Employed Misfits Society to add their perceptions of business and it's effects upon

their lives.

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