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Canola Oil - healthy or not ??


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Manjula recommended CANOLA oil for one of her recipes when questioned by a reader on which oil she uses.

I went to Khan's (best shop in the solar system) and though they had my paneer, dill, teabags etc, but no Canola, so I got olive oil.

For cooking indian food.

Since then I have heard, invariably, that canola oil is healthy / unhealthy - so what's your take on it ?

I'd also be interested in any recommendations for appropriate alternative oils to use for Indian cooking.

FYI Manjula is a lady who shares her recipes / demonstrates cooking them on-line, she's great !! www.manjulaskitchen.com

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Mustard oil is used in some Indian recipes (especially vegetable curries) - Khan's hasn't stocked it for a while but it's available in other shops along Rye Lane. The price has gone up recently to around ?1.89 per 500ml for the KTC brand.

I've no idea how healthy it is but it's great for general frying: especially eggs - it imparts a lovely mustardy taste.

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