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Anyone else having trouble posting on here?


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Thanks Sean, I guess that could have been the problem.

At first I thought it was because there were bullet points in the Word document, but even when I took those out it still happened, and with virtually every post even if they contained different text, but as you say it now seems to have been sorted.

Is there a maximum allowable length? Could the posts have been too long? I was catching up after Christmas :)

Edited to add: The reason for the number of posts is because I thought maybe I was exceeding some maximum length.

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I guess there must be a maximum length but I've not seen anyoen exceed it before

If you are multiple posting ALL of the sections in your word document and NONE of them are causing a problem then maybe it is length-related

But if you try and post a subset of the word document and that causes a problem then I would say a specific word is involved

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