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NCR 'shop' (Gallery)

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There may already be a post on the forum regarding this but wouldn't know how to search for it. Can anyone tell me the purpose of the white shop on North Cross Road (LL end) displaying a TV screen in the middle of the floor and nothing else? Does it serve a purpose or is it just arty farty pretentious rubbish?


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Sue Wrote:


> Is that true, Dulwich Fox?


> It certainly doesn't seem to have been much in use

> as a gallery lately.

Well, it does not seem to run as a business.

Have not seen any advertisement for local artists to display their work.

Don't see anyone inside the premise.

It is a common practise to hold on to property in this way.

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I like the way not much is going in that place. The occasional display and odd piece. Makes a change from trinkets made in China for bored/desperate/confused consumers. Even though selling crap seems the only way to keep the 'economy' going.
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