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Did you know that one of the symptoms of manic depression is being obsessive about something.

For instance, dwelling on something that can keep repeating in your mind ,over and over again.

Another symptom is the urge to keep buying the same item over and over again,could be anything, beans even.

Or shopping that you never take out of the bag,but just throw it in your cupboard.

Everyone suffers from minor forms of this in some way or other.

But if there is something that has taken over your mind, a subject or rowing with someone about the same subject

over and over, and you cannot stop yourself, You must see a doctor or you could have a nervous breakdown,

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Tarot I think you're mainly talking about OCD which is treated as a separate anxiety disorder to depression, although anxiety can be a symptom of depression. Anxiety doesn't always lead to OCD. Manic depression is also a separate illness to depression with different symptoms. Depression doesn't lead to manic depression. It's more likely a person will have an anxiety disorder if they suffer from the symptoms you've described above.

A nervous breakdown isn't a medical term as such but when the term is used it is seen as not necessarily referring to the illness of depression, although it shares many features of depression and anxiety disorders. Nervous breakdowns are often associated with acute stressors whereas anyone can become clinically depressed-it's an illness.

All in all I really don't think you should be playing doctor- even if you think you might be helping.

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I hope not because that's not funny at all Tarot,

If so it's really unfair and rude to make suggestions like that. I mean you seemed pretty strange to me when you first appeared on this forum but I'd never suggest something like that. And it's a damnright insult to people who have any of the illnesses you mention because they're no joke and there's enough jokes and stigma attached to mental health issues without you adding to it.

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Bipolar affective disorder (Manic Depression) is not a subject to be laughed at Zeban I agree with that.

I will readily admit with absolutely no shame or care for any others opinion that I was diagnosed with this particular disorder over several years ago, it is not something anyone can readily relate to or understand, unless they have knowledge of the disorder, whether being diagnosed themselves or being in a situation of trying to understand a loved one, and being supplied with the relevant information to help assist, or being a health professional.

Absolutely under no circumstances do I feel anyone has the right to attach any stigma to any disorders that anyone has, whether that is physical or to do with mental health issues. I have the pleasure of having a very wide circle of friends, yet unfortunately amongst them I have had acquaintances in the past commit suicide, or do themselves serious harm due to people not being understanding enough that they had around them whether that be in the cyber world or the friends they had around them at the time in real life.

What I find incredibly offensive looking at your post, was your direct insult to Tarot "I mean you seemed pretty strange to me when you first appeared on this forum but I'd never suggest something like that" That sort of insulting behaviour is exactly what can cause someone great emotional distress, and since what the op is being accused of is not apparent, it just comes across as plain simple bullying.

You raised a valid point by mentioning that a diagnosis of a disorder should be left to the doctors, which is very true because many symptoms can overlap most of the time and give someone the wrong impression if they are not better informed by a practitioner and I respected you for saying so and pointing that out. But your degradation is downright nasty.

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I am no doctor but I have been diagnosed by one. I have read all your posts and you all bring up valid points. OCD and bipolar have very similar symptoms. For instance as Tarot mentioned, we do have a tendancy to have the same thought(s) go through our heads for hours at a time, plus we go through fases where we become reckless with money and spend like mad on a specific item, my case it's dvds.

Zeban like I said before you brought up some valid points but be aware that people with bipolar disorder do have symptoms of OCD also.

As Ms Lilith has mentioned the other comments where a bit harsh and it reminds me of the hatefull comments I see on youtube about well anything. If we cant discuss this peacefully without attacking each other then there is no point

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Some very good posts from Ms_Lilith and others here but was the OP targetting someone? In my opinion yes. Tarot has made several cheeky posts on that McCann thread and several people have also called out the repetetive nature of that thread

If Tarot wasn't laughing up his/her sleeve, then he/she also doesn'tgive any context for starting this thread

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Thank you Sean and IV. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to think Tarot's motivations on this thread were questionable, and were not about raising awareness. And the reason why I saw it that way was because of Tarot's previous posts on the forum.

I wouldn't have been so defensive if it wasn't for this so I'm sorry if I've become the nasty person but my comment on Tarot being strange was a joke- almost like I was saying no matter how you appear on the forum, whatever you think of others, such as what he may well feel of those on the McCann thread, it isn't acceptable to link to mental illness.

I'm VERY aware of mental illnesses, my sister has had an eating disorder for almost her whole life and she's 30 now. A lady yesterday died at the age of 28 from anorexia which upset me massively. Depression also runs in my family. I think when you don't know anything about mental illness which I'm suspecting Tarot doesn't although I might be wrong, then you shouldn't really start threads like this.

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Sean, the reason I started thia thread was because earlier in the suggestion thread HonaloochieB mentioned the amazing Stephen Fry. It brought to mind his documentry: The secret life of the manic depressive.

Zeban, I find your remarks offensive, you insult me and say it's a "joke" so that is alright then, and makes it acceptable?

My thread wasn't a "joke" or extracting the urine, and you have no idea of manic/biploar illness. I don't make like or fun of mental illness, I have had vast experience with mental illness of all kinds. I don't need to be tarred and feathered for trying to help someone this stressful time of year.

No references were made about the McCan thread, as this is not relevant to it, and if it was it would have been posted on the McCan thread, it is a stand-alone thread so do not put words into my mouth.

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Fair enough Tarot, but if you had put your thread into a better context, and explained it was about raising awareness then people wouldn't have had reason to read between the lines. Don't try to make out that I'm a baddie please, I found your OP very insulting but now I understand the context and that it wasn't a joke I don't have an issue with it.

Edited to say how do you know I haven't had experience of manic depression/bipolar?

I thought you didn't have any experience because of your OP. Now you've said you have had experiences of mental illness and so have I, and I'm all for raising awareness but be careful of the terms and words you use that's all, this was obviously supposed to be a serious thread/discussion so maybe think more carefully about how you broach and write about a subject like this.

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I suggest you be careful before jumping the gun, making accusations.

It was Chic, who made the connection about the Mcann thread, maybe she has already read Stephen Fry, in one of her

book circle groups.

I have worked with mentally ill patients in secure wards,in various hospitals.I still give time in the arts and

craft therapy.

If I need lessons on posting

I wont be asking you pet

P.S. The Mcann thread is tedious..


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