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Total freakout baby...

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My son is two months on Wednesday. He decided to ring in the new year by waking up at midnight - so far so normal - and then not going back to sleep until at least 3.30am. He would drop off to sleep on me (or the boob) but the minute he was put down he would writhe and grunt or just BE awake. He spent those hours breastfeeding a lot of the time. He then woke up again at 5am and continued same pattern. Even when swaddled tightly he would escape and wake himself up.

I think overall he slept about four hours and me even less. Even now getting him to nap is a huge struggle. He is extremely restless, making a lot of noise even when asleep finally on bouncy chair with vibration on and someone bouncing him constantly.

Most nights he will go to bed between 7.30-8.30pm and wake between 12-2am and again at least once more in the night but would breastfeed briefly and then go to sleep fairly easily.

Anyone experienced this? Is it an extreme growth spurt?

Happy 2011 to all of you and hope you have slept more than me!

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Poor you.... We have those sorts of nights every so often. Totally out of character and (thankfully) usually seem to just be the odd night or two before Baby GG gets back into his normal pattern. I put them down to growth or developmental changes because (apart from one on Boxing Day night when it was illness) there never seems to be another reason. Try not to worry and hopefully it'll pass and baby will be back on form soon...

(Happy New Year!)

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That does sound likely. I have noticed that he seems tO have found his hands today and is deliberately trying to suck them. Also seems interested in toys and baby gym etc. But he has been completely unable to switch off all day and I had to use a Velcro swaddle to restrain his constantly moving limbs. Hope he calms down soon because he is scaring me a little. Pray he sleeps tonight at least a little better
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