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soft play in Peckham - open today???

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Hi pripolla,

The Peckham Pulse number 020 7708 6200 seems to be working - admitedly an answerphone system. Wen it eventually tried calling a real person I also didn't get anyone after an infernal wait.

The answerphone doesn't specfically mention that the soft play is open but it only mentions the centres opening times.

I'd chance it personally. I'm sorry its not clear and I will take this up with the head of leisure.

Hope you have fun at the softplay.

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Hi prippola,

Sorry for the delay.

Peckham Softplay is open 9.30am-5.50pm Mon-Sun every week EXCEPT bank holidays when its open 9.30am-5pm.

The head council officer has now asked Fusion to change it recorded messaging to explain these opening hours as they are different to the centres opening hours. TRicky to do this without info overload but will check in a fortngiht to see this has happened.

While investigating this noticed that the Swimming timetable showed Autumn.

Transpires that timestables are report:

Jan-Mar = Winter

Apr - Jun = Spring

Jul - Sept = Summer

Oct-Dec = Autumn

Suspect this falls in nicely with financial quarters of financial year running 1 April - 31 March.

so I've been assured that in the longer term they'll review these titles to ensure more useful.

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