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Frequent eye blinking in toddler

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My 2.5 year old has recently started blinking in a more "pronounced" way (more frequently and a bit more strongly). She doesn't do it all the time but it's not "only when she's tired", "only when she watches telly" or "only at the end of the day" (although maybe a bit more at those times, must keep track). Today we were out all day and she did it too. She's quite good at expressing herself verbally and she tells us her eyes don't bother her at all. They're not red either.

Does anyone have experience with this? I'll probably take her to the GP and to an optician for an eye exam this week but am wondering how common this is. Found a lot of discussions pointing towards a (temporary) tic on US forums.

Also think the central heating could have to do with this although it's never bothered her before.

Anyway, I'm sure there is no single answer to this but am just wondering if anyone has ideas/experiences to share.


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Yes my son did this at around the same age. I took him to the GP and they referred me to outpatient unit at Kings which comes to Townley Rd. They told me it's incredibly common in toddlers. They checked his eyes, which were fine and we went back 6 months later - still fine.

Can't recall how long the blinking lasted for but he's 4.10 now and hasn't done it for ages. My little one who is 3.4 does it now when he is tired, but alas as is the way with second children, I haven't had him checked out!

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My daughter has done/had this on and off for some years now. Everytime it gets to the point where I think maybe I should get it checked it seems to disappear for another few months or years. A good friend said it was probably a tick and my instinct is that, on our case that's right. SHe seems to get it when she's having an emotional growth spurt or sometimes if she's under a bit of stress (I say 'a bit' of stress because she actually leads the life of riley and wouldn't know real stress if it bit her on the bum, but that's off topic - apologies). She's nearly 15 now and I started to notice it when she was about 9 - so some years older than your little one, but it may be the same type of thing?
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