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People of Dulwich - Re: The Archers - why didn't they kill off irritating Helen Archer?????


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Just a rant. Why oh why did they kill of Nigel P - one of the few actually nice characters. Why didn't they kill off that self-centred, selfish, deeply irritating brat Helen Archer. Urgh!!!! I'm ashamed to admit I've listened to The Archers for over 30 years - but might have to stop now as most of the remaining characters are fairly obnoxious at best.


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Peckhamgatecrasher Wrote:


> I have a vile secret. I hate The Archers.

If only I could shake off those early enforced years of listening at an impressionable age then I'm sure I'd hate it too LOL!

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I'm fairly new to The Archers and love it. However, I do find Helen nauseating (also Linda and Susan).

My only consolation is she has the 'wake-up call' of motherhood facing her (I don't have children but one can imagine). For a while I thought it was being set up that Tony would have an accident and she'd never get over the fact that they hadn't reconciled.

Poor Nige. At least he got the brooch cleaned up.

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