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which schools may take bulge classes?

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Am in primary school application for our son, and am just wondering if anyone has any information that they think may be at all reliable about which schools in ED and nearby in Lewisham are contemplating bulge classes in reception? I'm assuming that whichever ones do so might be good fall-back options if our very over-subscribed first choice doesn't come through. There seem to be a few rumours around on the site, but I'd love to know if anyone knows that an extra class is reasonably likely at any of the schools?
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Goose Green.

They're taking over ?1M from the ?12M allocated to Southwark by central government to support more primary school places. So if they don't provide more primary school places in excahnge Southwark would have to return ?1M+ to central government.

I'd be amazed if St.Anthony's doesn't permanently expand from 1.5 classes of entry 45 kids to 2 FE ie 60 kids.

Hope this helps.

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