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Attachment parenting group - let's do it!!


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The previous thread got a little messy and I wanted to ensure that everyone that actually wanted to meet up gets to see this:

I'm also interested in meeting up with other parents leaning towards the attachment parenting approach.

How about we make a time - 1pm Friday 14th January at The Bishop on Lordship Lane? Anyone?

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Sorry actually Thursday next week is no good for me, for the same reason as the previous person. But again, I could just catch up with you the next time or else can still make it on the 14th. And I've also no objection to changing the time on the 14th if that makes it any easier.
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Hi everyone

I'm definitely going to be at The Bishop at 12noon on Friday 14th January if any of you attachment folk want to meet up. Hope some of you can make it!

I'll most likely try and sit somewhere down the back as there is lots of buggie space down there.


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