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Have twice now ordered ready made platters of sandwiches for a funeral lunch from Marks and Spencers on Lordship Lane supposedly to pick up from 9am onwards and twice now the delivery has not arrived in full until 11am. The first time that was too late for the funeral, the second funeral was later so we managed to go back and pick up the rest. V. Stressful. M&S have not been particularly helpful in investigating this and cannot reassure me that this wouldn't happen again in the future.

It's not something that most us do very often but having done it twice and had it go wrong twice, just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience.

M&S are sure that my experience is just a blip, or two random blips coinciding!

Maybe they are right but I won't be risking it a third time.

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I have had reason to complain to M&S several times, and their customer services have always been extremely helpful (including in one case where sadly the local store was not at all helpful).

I contacted customer services online. If that's what you have already done and they weren't helpful, then I agree, email the CEO. That usually gets results :))

ETA: Even if you aren't bothered about compensation, which I wasn't but they offered it anyway, it at least may prevent somebody else from having the same bad experience.

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Moovart Wrote:


> Thanks. Am doing all of that.


> Just interested to discover if anyone else has had

> a similar experience or whether I just hit the

> rubbish service jackpot twice by chance!

One of my complaints wasn't about sandwich deliveries, but it was about food delivery for Christmas 2018, when we were left without crucial parts of our food order for our Christmas meal.

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