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Bespoke tuition, consultancy and editing


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Friendly local tutor with 13+ years experience available for bespoke tuition.

?75 per hour.

Full and clean recent DBS.

I have worked extensively with agencies as well as in a freelance capacity and am also a widely published fiction writer and editor. I have experience with a wide range of students including those with various learning difficulties.

Available for:

- 7+ and 11+ tuition

- Numeracy and literacy tuition ages 5-11

- GCSE History, English, English Lit and other humanities

- A Level English, Theatre Studies/Drama, History of Art, Psychology

- University level and above English and Creative Writing

- Essay and dissertation help and editing in any subject

- Proofing and editing any text (from ?25 per hour)

Successful entrance and familiarity with exam papers to the following schools:

Dulwich College and Prep, City of London, GDST schools, Feltonfleet, James Allen?s Girls? School (and JAPS), Alleyn?s, Colet Court, St Paul?s Boys and Girls, Westminster Choir School, King?s College, Westminster, St Marylebone School and Forest School among others.

I also offer an 11+ consultancy service:

a set number of hours tuition (minimum 6) where I assess your child on the 11+ syllabus requirements and provide you with a detailed list of everything they need to know, how they are doing on each topic, weakness and strengths (?300).

References on request.

Please don?t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

Thanks for reading :)

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