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Pressure hose - karcher- extension


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Hi I?m hoping someone can help please? I?ve been looking at pressure cleaners for our garden - and it?s quite a big area, both back and front. The Karcher K4 seemed to hit the spec apart from the hose length which is only 6 meters.

I can see you can get extension hoses but they are pricey, largest I could see was 20 m. Our back garden extends to 150 ft (it?s shared garden).

I saw a karcher hose on a reel (25 m) which was less expensive, and the reviews ?only? said that it could be attached to a pressure cleaner - but the spec doesn?t confirm that (I don?t think so anyway). Do you think an ordinary garden hose could be connected? I?ve got two (one for front and back of building which are the correct size in terms of the reach I need with the cleaner)? They are not sturdy big hoses - given the length of the garden I had to get a lightweight ones - so I wasn?t carrying the weight all the time.

Normally we get someone in to clean our paths and walls etc., but I?m happy to be hands on and see this as an investment - but at the same time don?t want to be spending lots of the other leaseholders money incorrectly/unwisely.

Thanks for any help :)

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I might have had it wrong. Being looking on YouTube. Is it that the 6m hose is attached to pressure washer to do the cleaning - and that a separate hose is connected to the water supply? Therefore I can use my normal hoses?

If so, great, but spent hours looking things on today :)

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