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Children in Y11 doing History? Have found a great revision course!


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If you are also parents of y11 children, I thought you might find this interesting.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum is holding a GCSE bootcamp for EDEXCEL "medicine through time" GCSE History exam in February half term. There are 3 events, at ?15 each, including refreshments. (Details on link below.)

DC1 has really found the above museum interesting, and one of their curators (her name escapes me now) has been on a couple of good podcast, so I was just browsing their events and saw the above.

DC1 signed up - but we've just been told that due to low uptake, it may not run? So I thought I would share the news! It's very reasonable, a great museum, and a way of making revision seem a bit more interesting perhaps?

Any questions, the email address is [email protected]


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