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Identity Fraud - Have you been a victim too?


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Recently I've found out that I've been a victim of identity fraud with credit attempted to be taken out in my name across numerous banks. I discovered this after I found out details on my current bank account had been changed. The odd thing was that only the mobile number and email address had been amended by the fraudster but not my home address. Attempts were made in my name to move money and I discovered that through my credit report that I had CIFAS and attempts of credit in my name.

After speaking to the various banks to confirm nothing had been issued in my name I focused on why the address was changed (SE22 postcode) and determined that it was because either my post was being taken from my post box or it was being intercepted earlier by someone with access to the post (one bank said they had sent out a card to my address and subsequently cancelled it once they realised the application was fraudulent. Neither the card or cancellation letter were received). There are theories of what is going on but I will let the police continue their investigations.

Having dealt with this myself I was curious to see if anyone else in my block of flats had experienced this given the fact that post was being intercepted. It soon became clear that almost most people in my block of flats had experienced credit taken out in their name with some having their credit rating impacted as a result. When we spoke to the block of flats next to us it became clear this was a wider issue not just isolated to our block.

We have all looked to check our credit reports asap and regularly (credit karma is the best as it offers a free detailed breakdown). Many of us have changed our registered home address to somewhere else until this is resolved.

With this appearing to be a larger issue that initially realised I've raised this with Helen Hayes, Fraud team, and the people that run our block of flats. However, I wanted to share this information and understand whether this is a larger issue impacting East Dulwich residents and whether this needs to be brought to the attention of others. Please let us know if you've also experienced any similar type of fraud e.g credit cards in your name, phone contracts etc. It would help raise the profile of the case and bring it into the attention of the media.

An email address has been set up ([email protected]) for you to share private experiences if you don't want to put this on a forum. Please ensure you CC in Helen Hayes (local MP) on any email in order to make her aware of this and also ensure confidence that a person of authority is included too.

If you've experienced anything recently then you are not alone and together we can get to the bottom of this.

Thank you

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A few years ago I asked my bank to switch correspondence to a bank near my work and I'd pick it up specifically with my passport.

I think I've said before beware the fraudsters have a way of getting to mail (maybe really simply as in following the postie around and pulling back - maybe more complex). They also seemed to be able to 'get' to certain bank branches - not the one I used - I went through a phase of feeling paranoid.

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We had it end November, they got hold of bank statements got out a debit card and pin number from our bank sent to our address then took out a American express and tried other cards

We only knew they got hold of bank statements as when ask bank how can you send a debit card out they said we asked a direct debit from account and they answered correctly

All was sent to our address again live in flat and post box was broken into

They went on a spending spree in West end a

the first thing they did was draw out cash in Dulwich Sainsbury's

It was a man who rang bank as they have investigated the phone call so have voice and fraud squad is investigating it all including CCTV in the shops they went to as times show up in shops tills

They soon be caught they probably so stupid to think they can get away with it all

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Really interesting to hear Gaynor and I'm so sorry to hear about your experiences too.

I hope things are progressing with the fraud team. Please feel free to share the experiences I detailed out above with who ever is looking in your case.

If anyone else had any experiences then we can try to raise the profile of these cases.

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