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WANTED LEGAL ADVICE: Personal injury lawyer recommendation


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Hi - my friend's nine-year-old daughter has been badly burnt in a cafe after a waiter tripped and spilt boiling hot tea on her. My poor friend can't work as her daughter is off school and is out of pocket already for all the taxis to and from the burns unit and hospital (she will have to go back every two days). I think she should approach the cafe and ask them to pay her compensation but I want to make sure she approaches it in the right way. There are so many 'no win/no fee' firms when you Google it but does anyone have a personal recommendation of someone who might be able to offer my friend some legal advice on how to proceed? Even though it was an accident the cafe handled it uselessly and didn't even take any contact details to see how her daughter is.
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Irwin Mitchell, though not local (Holborn), have a very good reputation and a team dealing with children's accidents. Have a look at their website:


IM offer a free first consultation and proceed on no win/no fee.

When I was in practice I signposted clients to the firm for PI cases.

I don't suggest using an umbrella service like National Accident Helpline (mixed quality and can end up with a solicitor in another part of the country).

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